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Our range of traditional communication products is indisputable: banners, pop-ups and stand-ups, or custom manufacturing for carpentry, metalworking, glass, acrylics, fiberglass, etc. projects. However, the UNVEIL matrix is characterised by a constant search for innovation. Our essence lies in the constant search for new solutions, new materials and new skills, designing them exclusively for each customer.

Following this philosophy, we establish consolidated partnerships with the most innovative world players. The representation of the prestigious German brand Burkhardt Leitner Constructiv provides an example of our passion for streamlining technical, human and financial resources to allow an even more creative language. This partnership offers us a huge range of solutions, guaranteeing that your project is carried out in multiple worldwide locations and is more streamlined, given we have a modular construction resource.

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Want to create a different space on your desk? Want to add extra innovation to the nature of your projects in public spaces? This is the most simple, fastest and innovative solution, creating a pleasant, informative and well-organised environment. Its great flexibility allows tailor-made solutions to be designed and new differentiating concepts to be created, which can add value to your business.


Slimpan is a panel - connector - system comprising a light aluminium profile forming structures through flexible connectors. The panels can be produced and applied using several materials (aluminium, steel, PET, acrylic, etc.) and easily assembled with the help of magnetic tapes or VHB tape. Another uncomplicated, lightweight solution to have a big impact on your projects


A travelling exhibition space does not need an expensive assembly either due to the materials used or the production time. With the CLICK System, your project can be unveiled more easily. This is a flexible, simple and mobile solution, as the pieces are easily connected through a magnetic system. Innovation is also present in terms of the several experiences permitted, as this system can be used to project films or images on vinyl panels, polyethylene, textiles, glass or other materials, providing greater interaction with the whole space and its environment.


Given each project’s innovation starts on the floor, we also have, in this area, the most reliable, resistant and flexible solution for your stand or exhibition. The planner floor system is based on connectors, height regulators, profiles and reusable paving panels that are easily installed in the construction system. They can easily be assembled and disassembled, and their modular system enables each space’s dimensions to be adjusted. Back-lighted glass panels are used on the illuminated flooring.


Undeniably aesthetically pleasing and robust, this system offers the ideal structure for all types of construction, from the most definitive character to high portability. It is, by far, the most advanced structure in terms of engineering. A solution based on connectors and tubes, which are joined through a powerful magnetic process, and a supplementary system of adjustable tensioners that can be fully regulated in terms of traction and tension.