About Us

About Us

Preparing a
new world
of ideas.

Preparing a new world of ideas.

With over 20 years of experience and several projects completed, UNVEIL is defined as a team of professionals with multi-disciplinary skills, committed to innovation and focused on each project’s final goal.

Operating in the areas of Stands, Exhibitions, Museums and Public Spaces, our exclusive way of working has led to success, also cross-border. Therefore, we are the school of leading brands, and Portuguese and foreign companies, which has allowed us to acquire and consolidate vast experience in the Culture of Institutional Communication and Brands.

Why Choose Unveil


Customisation and innovation

Each company, each brand and each project have a unique, differentiated expression. Each work is designed, developed, built and implemented in accordance with the nuance of your individual requirements.

Investing in innovation in the design, materials and most appropriate methodologies for each project, and our innate problem-solving capacity is our major differentiating factor.


Assertiveness and Commitment

We know that as well as the financial investment, each project involves a heavy investment in terms of time.

Therefore, we are committed not only to each proposal’s inherent goals, but also to the numerous phases and deadlines involved.



Comprehensive management with a flexible team

We have the capacity to manage a project in a cross-cutting environment, with the experience and skills of highly varied teams, put together based on the challenges each job poses.


Extensive international experience

Regular attendance worldwide at the different fairs and exhibitions, with the leading Portuguese and global brands, has given us the know-how and trust necessary to take on multidimensional projects with varying levels of complexity, certain of always delivering excellence.



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